Tally Ho Natural Coloured Wools And Carding

Rates & Services

We offer a full wool carding service for the home crafter.

Our price is set at $10.00 per kilogram (taken on in weight) for  sheep fleece carding

                             $12.00 per kilogram (taken on in weight) for alpaca, dog fur, possum mixing or any

                              not classed as sheep fleece 

Washing - $2.00 extra per kilogram. 

Batting - $12.00 per kilogram of batts  for sheep fleece

              $18.00 per kilogram of batts for any other fibres, (Alpaca etc)

ALL PRICES ARE EXCLUDING G.S.T.  (this will be added on your account.) 

Hand blending-  If your fibre needs to be hand blended as in  wool, silk and alpaca and other added fibres there will be a further charge of $5 per kg as this takes along time.  This is normally with 2 or more fibres. 

We endeavor to keep your return postage charges to a minimum through various sources.


Under most circumstances fibres will be balled as shown, with exception to Alpaca as this doesn't ball well.