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You may order any of the below by contacting us by either email, address or Phone Numbers on our Home Page, or by filling in the Contact us form on the last page of our website.

Please note payments can be made by internet transfer, telebanking and now Paypal.

As I have lots of pictures I have tried to make them as accurate as possible.

By scrolling down you will find Prices and Sample Pictures (camera doesn't do the fibre justice) of:

Natural Romney     Dyed Romney    Dyed Romney Blends    Natural Merino    

Dyed Merino    Natural Gotland       Possum Blends   Silk Blends  


Natural Coloured Romney  500gms  $16.00      1 kg $32.00

This is Central Otago grown Romney.  The White is supplied to us from Lauder Falls Romney Stud in Wyndham,  New Zealand and the Natural Coloured Wool is home grown here on Tallyho Farm. 

It is fantastic spun in a woollen spin on your wheel, a very good wearing casual fibre. It felts well when asked ideal for those sturdier projects, bags, slippers, boots, hats  etc the list of its uses goes on and on...   A great base for your weaving projects.   Fantastic for Kiwi Knitting. 

What you are purchasing is the ball on the left not the sample on the right. 


                                                    White Romney                                                


                                                        Silver Romney                                                    


                                                          Grey Romney 


                                                          Moorit Romney 


                                                          Brown Romney 


                                                 Brown / White Romney 


                                                      2 Tone Grey Romney 


                                      Dyed Black / Natural White Romney 

Romney Dyed   500gms $18.50   1 kg  $37.00

 Our Romney is grown in Soiuthland,  New Zealand.  It is supplied to us by Lauder Falls Romney Stud.

 It is a very versatile product used in many different ways  spinning, felting weaving, stuffing,  ideal for kiwi knitting,  the list goes on. It is Dyed for us locally by Ashfords at their mill in Milton.  

  I myself love spinning it using  the long draw method, it seems to put air in my spin and leaves me with a lovely soft product to create with.

 Please you are purchasing the ball on the left not the spun sample on the right. 


                                                      Black Romney 


Blue Romney 


Forest Romney


Granny Smith Romney

Jade Romney

Lavender Romney


Navy Romney

Orange Romney

Pink Romney



Purple Romney                                                             

Raspberry Romney


Red Romney


Yellow Romney 

Tallyho Gotland  500gm $17.50  1kg  $35.00

  The Gotland is a rare breed of sheep, originally from the Isle of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. It is well know for its length, curls and natural lustre.  It is a simple pleasure to spin and work with. 

We have our own flock of Gotlands, hence this fibre is something we are proud of.

I personally find that a nice woollen spin keeps it soft. It overdyes well with stunning results.

Please note you are purchasing the ball on the left not the sample on the right. 



                                         Gotland Silver   (out of stock for season)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gotland Grey                                                     


                                              Gotland Dark  ( Not pictured)

White Merino Combed     $57.00 per kilogram

A lovely bright white,  Scoured, Carded Combed and Balled ready for felting or spinning.

Using New Zealand Wool.

This fibre is 19 micron, very soft - please note it is combed hence the price,  This is a lovely fibre with no Vegetable matter at all in it. Very popular for home dyeing projects.



 Lucky Dip Collection (Romney and Gotland) 10x 100gm lots  $38.00

A collection made just for those small jobs, colours are subject to change, but if you require any certain colours we will help as close as possible.

Made with a  general mix of Romney, Moorit and Gotland commercially dyed colours.

               Lucky Dip

Natural Collection (Romney and Gotland) 10x 100gm lots    $36.00

A collection made just for those small jobs, see examples in Photo Gallery. These are subject to change

Made with a general mix of Natural Coloured Romney, Moorit and Gotland Fibres

Scoured and Carded. (Note any Black is dyed as natural Black is very hard to get.)

       Natural Collection

Carousel Collection (Merino) 10x 100gm lots    $55.00

A collection made with the felters in mind, also for the knitters of lovely soft baby garments.

Made with a collection of Pastel Merino colours and Bright Merino colours.

Scoured, dyed and Carded ready for use.


Central Otago Merino Dyed   500gms $26.00     1kg $52.00

Black Merino 

Blue Merino 


Forest Merino


Lavender Merino

Olive Merino

Orange Merino

Pink Merino

Purple Merino 

Red Merino

Rose Merino

Sky Blue Merino

Turquoise Merino 

Yellow Merino 


Central Otago Merino / Tussah Silk Blend      $44.00 per 500gms                                                  

A gorgeous blend of 22 micron Central Otago Dyed Merino 66%  carded with White Tussah Silk 33%    A very versatile fibre, it spins up well, knits up well.  It will even felt if you ask it to. It looks and feels fabulous in weaving with its unique colourway.                                                                                          Please note that this is carded, not combed top.  What you are purchasing is the ball on the left hand side picture,  the right hand side picture is a sample of it spun.            


Yellow Mer/Silk                                              


  White Mer/Silk


  Turquoise Mer/Silk

Sky Blue Mer/Silk


Red Mer/Silk

Purple Mer/Silk

Pink Mer/Silk

Lavender Mer/Silk

Forest Mer/Silk


Black Mer/Silk

Orange Mer/Silk

Blue Mer/Silk                                                                                                                                                                                                                          




 Carded Merino/ Possum 500gms $70.00  (out of Stock)

  We source our Winter Possum from the depths of the forests in Rangitiki, this ensures it is true Winter Possum, which holds the heat and ensures warmth. 

The Silver we have combined with already combed 19 micron merino, we then recard it with the possum blended in.

The Brown, is 20 micron Merino carded only with the Possum blended in.

We recommend when using this fibre, after you have spun and hanked it , that you are a little harder in the washing process than you normally are to start the felting process to help stop the possum shedding.  



    Silver Merino/ Possum ( recarded combed)



                                     Brown Merino/ Possum (carded only) 

Natural Merino (carded only) $20.50 -  500gm $41.00 - Kg   



                                                                 Merino White  


                                                                Merino Silver 


                                                             Merino Grey  


                                                              Merino Moorit 


                                                            Merino Brown 





Romney Blends      NOT AVAILABLE    At Present



                                                          Paua Romney 


                                                                Autumn Romney 


                                                 Frosted Autumn Romney 


                                                           Spectrum Romney 


                                                             Black Doris Romney 


Romney Specials    500gms  $19.00  

We are lucky to have the only side exiting private machine in New Zealand, this enables us to put colours within colours, when spun this give a lovely flecked look. 

We have use Lauder Falls Romney, which has been dyed for us by Ashfords and then carded in a special way.  This fibre looks amazing plyed on itself or with one of the solid colours within it.  Let your imagination go.....  I personally like it plyed with a light silver.

It felts well for those sturdier projects.  Romney is a great base for weaving as well.

As this is a popular fibre we dont always have them in stock, just ask. Sometimes there is some one off colour mixes on hand as well.      MORE PICTURES COMING.... 


                                                             Rainbow Romney 


                                                                Ocean Romney 


                                                          Greenstone Romney 


                                                        Purple Passion Romney 


                                                          Romney Pink Passion 


                                                                Romney Tequila 

Merino Specials



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